Finding Comfort…in the Uncomfortable

"I done had a really long winter. A beautiful summer is calling" - 6lack I've been sitting on this post for a while now, but before the new year starts...I figured better now than never. So, here goes. There's no other way to jump into this post other than head first. If you've been keeping … Continue reading Finding Comfort…in the Uncomfortable

“Don’t Save ‘Em”:The Problem with the Black Superwoman Syndrome (feat. Jermaine Cole)

I went to a session, and someone noted that people were saying that maybe Kanye wouldn't be Kanye if he had the support of a black woman. But, when did that become the black woman's job? When did it become my 9 to 5 to drown for the very beings that wouldn't swim for me? … Continue reading “Don’t Save ‘Em”:The Problem with the Black Superwoman Syndrome (feat. Jermaine Cole)

Remember My Name

This is written in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Directions: Click PLAY and play this song as you read. “Her fears were correct as her next door neighbor, Deidra Thompson, 33, had been murdered. Relatives of Thompson's boyfriend, Frank Walters, called authorities after they said Walters showed up in Screven County and confessed to … Continue reading Remember My Name