The Alphabet of Dialosophy: A 26-week Journey


Last week was like nothing ever before. It was like life threw a dodge ball and I was that dorky kid who got smacked right in the face. Nothing was going in my favor and all of sudden it felt like some sort of punishment for all the wrong I’ve done, for becoming arrogant, for forgetting that life is not ALWAYS rainbows and sunshine, but most of all- for ignoring that God is in control of EVERYTHING. So, there I was, an emotional mess, crying everyday, and burdened with guilt. I was drowning.

Growing up, I’d play the piano and to this day, on top of that piano sits a sign that reads “Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it”. So many of us go on each day smiling when everything in life goes right, but it takes true STRENGTH to keep that smile when everything in life is going wrong. It takes true HOPE to believe that you can keep pushing towards greater when everything else around you seems hopeless. That sign is one of the best memories from living with my grandmother, because life is like a piano. Sometimes we play “Fur Elise” and sometimes there’s this dark melancholic song you hear accompanied by strings. The point is…no matter what tune it is, you have to play on. WE have the capacity to change our tune.

This is my first post and today I had the idea to embark upon “The Alphabet” of Dialosophy. I sat in church for the past two Sunday(s) with a feeling of urgency to internally metamorphose myself. It is my hope that at the end of 2016, I will be totally equipped with my purpose in life, confident with sharing my story with others, leading others to the wonders of God, serving God in the capacity He wants me to serve, and recruiting women to put on their crowns to foster a positive change within their lives and the lives of others.

No matter where you are, no matter what you’re going through, no matter what deity you choose to believe in…this is for me, this is for YOU, this is for US. I hope that this transforms you as much as I’m excited for the change I wish to see in me. To embark upon this journey, it’s simple! Each week will bring a new aspect of our lives to work on that begins with each letter of the alphabet. Each week will be filled with thoughts, activities, videos, scriptures, and inspirations designed to help us foster the change for the week. While, it may take longer than a week to truly see a change within these certain parts of our lives, this journey should yield the change we BOTH have been looking for.

Help me for 26 weeks. As I post about my journey, do not be afraid to leave comments about yours.I hope you are ready because I sure am. It’s time to clear our minds, clear our hearts, and clear our conscience. Here’s to our new freedom-the key to being happy.

Week 1: Accepting your past

Week 2: Bearing your Burdens

Week 3: Connecting to The Spirit

Week 4: Delivered from your Demons

Week 5: Excite Your Life

Week 6: Free Yourself

Week 7: Greatness is Coming

Week 8: Hope

Week 9: Ignite The Dream

Week 10: Justify Positivity

Week 11: Kill Negativity

Week 12: Love Other

Week 13: Manifest Your Destiny

Week 14: Never Give Up

Week 15: Offer Repentance

Week 16: Play Fair

Week 17: Que The Inner You

Week 18: Rest in The Spirit

Week 19: Stomp the Devil

Week 20: Tell The Truth

Week 21: Uplift Your Neighbor

Week 22: Victory is Yours

Week 23: Welcome War

Week 24: X your Exes

Week 25:  Yes You Can

Week 26: Zzzz’s are for Later







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