Week 1, Day 4

Today is a good day. Today is the day that you need to know my life is in complete shambles. Nothing (oh and I mean nothing seems to be going my way), but it’s alright. In these past few days, I’ve been surrounded by the love, support, and positivity of my grandmother and my best friend. Isn’t that all we can ask for? Love. Support. Positivity. Out of the pain, I see love. Out of my fall, I have people pulling me back up. Out of all the negative, there’s always something each day that brings a positive.

A good friend yesterday told me “Your life will continue to be in shambles if you don’t do something about it”. So there it is…no more looking back. Whatever comes, it’s my right to meet it head on. Either I can collapse or I can keep standing. If I fall, it’s up to me to either stay down or get back up. But if I keep standing, it’s up to me to pull someone else up too. I’m here to pull you up…because if I can stand, you can stand too. If I can dance in the rain, you can get through your pain. There’s nothing more beautiful in life than people who can still smile while they’re mourning. There’s no prettier scene than the rainbow after a storming. There’s a rainbow coming our way and it’s going to happen in the midst of everything that has or is continuing to happen to us. 

Get back up. Your rainbow is coming. 


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