Lent 2016: My Experience

You’ve heard it and you’ve seen it time and time before. Millions of people gather in church and after Ash Wednesday, they’re “giving up” something in order to recognize the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. And I did it too. In fact, this year I decided to give up fast food and drinking alcohol. While this seems mediocre, I still gave in a few times (and felt extremely bad afterwards I must say). This weekend allowed me some time to think…lent season is not about WHAT we give. It’s about HOW we give. I realized, personally, I gave up two things that (even though I caved in) wasn’t a real “sacrifice”. I truly could have done without, therefore it leaves me questioning…was Lent really a challenge? 

Yes. Despite my “sacrifice”, Lent has taught me about repentance. Now I’m no perfect Christian (there isn’t one). Often times, I’m the one in the crowd saying “Yasssssssss” loudly.  Sometimes, I’m the one constantly cracking crude jokes. Or maybe you’ll even catch me rapping to any song with a good beat. That’s all me but before Lent started,  I prayed and told God I was ready for whatever He brought my way. I was ready to go through whatever necessary to become a better woman. I guess you get what you pray for, because my storm came and it’s still here. And boy…it shook me! My conscience was shaking me and Lent? Lent showed me the gift of forgiveness. It taught me the true meaning of repentance. God loves us so much…He cherishes us so much, that He already forgave us. We know not what we do and what we will do but He already knows. And I count my sins already forgiven. As the 40 days progressed, I began to sink. And I was drowning, deeper and deeper each day. But just like any other storm, God still brought out the sun in the midst of the rain. And He saved me…and He brought me to this challenge. Because there are others…you don’t need to be burdened with guilt. You need to enjoy the life we are blessed with now. You need to find your purpose. You need to be filled with the joy that only the spirit brings. 

This was my experience in 2016. It was never about what I gave up. It was truly about growing in God’s love. 

No matter what higher power exists in your life, connect to it & believe that it is not here to punish you. It does not exist to see you unhappy. Let the power bring you joy and light your soul on fire. Let the power enlighten your world and give you all of your hearts desire.


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