Week 2, Day 7: A resurrected life

Every morning, I receive in my email a devotional from “Crystal at Daughters of the Creator”. Now, this may sound weird because I don’t know Crystal…but it sure feels like she knows me. Each morning’s devotional is right on time and hits the nail on the head on what I’m going through EXACTLY each day at the exact time. And lately? I thank you Ms. Crystal because you’ve helped me bear with my burdens that all of a sudden came crashing down on me. I realize now it’s a test. Everything in life is a test…and how we endure the test is what truly matters. For I truly believe in Ecclesiastes 9:11. The race is not awarded to the swift, nor to the strong…but to the one that endureth until THE END. I hope you all are connecting to The Spirit this morning. Join Ms. Crystal & lets begins our resurrected life. READ BELOW: 
When Jesus’ body was taken down from the cross and prepped for burial, not one person expected Him to rise again three days later. Yet by the power of God, He was raised from the dead and ascended to His Father in heaven. The celebration of the resurrection can’t be underestimated—by the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, we are empowered to live a resurrected life. Before we knew Jesus as Lord, we followed death in the dictates of the world, our flesh, and the devil. We were prone to follow every wind of doctrine that blew past us. However, when we started living a resurrected life, everything changed within us—the darkness become light, despair became hope, and the chaos became peaceful. Living a resurrected life is more than just attending church on a regular basis; it’s an opportunity to take every day as a miracle from God to live to the fullest. Our lives reveal the light and glory of Jesus Christ by our demeanor, attitude, and outlook. It’s not that we don’t have problems or tough days—it’s that our problems and tough days don’t have us. A resurrected life is free to explore the deeper mysteries of God through His word. A resurrected life can know God’s voice and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. A resurrected life isn’t bound by shame, regret, or fear. A resurrected life is unafraid to take steps of faith in dark places. Jesus could’ve been born on the earth and refused to suffer death for our eternal salvation. Yet He loved each of us so much that He willingly lay His life down and picked it up so that we could live a resurrected life.

Dear Lord, thank You for the resurrected life I live because of Your sacrifice for my sins. I pray for Your resurrection power to give me strength and courage to face every day. Amen.

In His Service, 

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Happy Resurrection Sunday! Peace, Love, & Blessings! Your burdens are now free.
Your Queen,



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