Did I Connect to The Spirit?

It’s simple…I don’t know. I was weak but my prayers were strong. But for some reason, I felt so…depressed. I was distressed and my heart was steady racing. I was worried, I was anxious, and my hands seemed to constantly be shaking. I was a mess. But each day…it got better. My heart was slowing. My nerves were calmed. Each day…I found something different to cope. I started posting scriptures on my wall. I started reciting scriptures in my head throughout the day. Each day Satan was attacking me…I reached out to God in every single way. So, did I connect to the spirit? I think so. I was still breaking down, the devil was invading my thoughts, but I was still hanging on to what I know. What I know? I know that no weapon formed against shall prosper. I know that no height, nor depth, will separate from the love of God. I know that no matter what I’ve done, no matter what I say or do, there’s a love so strong out there for me and you. I just have to hang on in hopes to find it. I have to pray on in hopes to believe it. So, did I connect to the spirit? Maybe the spirit connected to me. Because while I still lay awake and can’t sleep, it seems like something has caused the devil to flee. Perhaps the spirit said “Not this one. She’s mine”. Perhaps there’s a love that’s so divine that not even the devil can steal the essence of my shine. I admit, sometimes I am weak in my faith. But I do know the same spirit who had me low also keeps me high. The same spirit who makes me laugh is also there to comfort me when I cry. Did I connect to the spirit? Possibly. But while I try each day to please me, the spirit tries each day to reach me. 


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