Week 6, Day 1

This week is all about freeing ourselves and I don’t mean emotional burdens anymore (those should be gone). I’m talking the people, the distractions, the environments around us that STOP us from being us. So the challenge today? STAY QUIET. Look at what’s around you and before you go to sleep tonight…we’re going to write down and post it somewhere by our beds, the things we’re going to distant ourselves from. If it’s certain people, don’t feel bad…and don’t feel compelled to tell them why you’re stepping back either. Sometimes, they won’t understand anyway. If you’re anything like me, this will be hard. But it’s simply loving people from a distance. Whatever is distracting you, whether it’s your phone, your thoughts, your fears….write down how you’ll conquer that this week. If it’s your environment, it’s time to make a game plan on how and when you’ll get out. 

Queen Dia 😘


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