Week 6, Day 6: My Distractions

What are my distractions? How did I “free myself” this week? Simple. I evaluated the environment around me, the people around, and separated myself from all negativity. I also took the time to indulge in me this week by simply staying to myself and it’s the best thing I couldve done. Through this week, I’ve learned the following about ME:

1. I don’t think before I speak. And that’s most often because I get so caught up in just “saying something”…but there’s a power in just listening, just observing, and just SILENCE PERIOD.

2. Freedom comes when there are no insecurities. I posted a picture on Instagram this week that captured ME…my big smile, my spirit, and personality. This is what makes me, ME.

3. My happiness does not lie in the hands of other people. If I want to be happy, through the power of the spirit and peace within me…ITS UP TO ME.
See you in Week 7 Guys! 


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