Hope: Day 4

Hope. This week was exciting because this is the one thing I’m CONFIDENT I have. We should have hope in everything we do: Hope to experience true love when we’re broken, hope that someone will find us when we think we’re not worth of love, hope that we’ll be successful, hope that one day…life will paint this picture we’ve always imagined ….The list could go on and on. Do I have hope? Of course. Because hope is the only thing that gets me out the bed in the morning, that ignites my courage, hope makes way for my wildest of dreams…Hope. It’s not quite something that can be defined for me. Either you have it or you don’t. 

This past week has been rough. My family suffered a loss of a great man that’ll ALWAYS be remembered. I remember finding out and once again, I became an emotional wreck. I was smiling but running away so no one saw my tears. I was thinking what was his family going to do and why did God take my uncle of ALL people? But then, the grief settled and we mourned together as a family. I realized in the midst of all the sadness, there was so much love. Most importantly, there was so much hope. We are filled with hope that everything will get better one day for his family, that his children and grandchildren will live to make him proud, but that we ALL will carry the legacy that my uncle left. 

If you’re reading this, even though this blog is made for writing, I can’t quite convey how “challenging” this journey in. Each week is a new wave of emotions, lessons, and worries. But, that’s life. Life, through the good and bad, is ultimately so beautiful. Life. It gives us hope. For me, this hope is that one day, I will be the woman I’ve always wrote, dreamed, and imagined myself to be. 


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