Week 10, Day 4: Justifying Positivity

Last night was weird. I was up again, thinking about my future, worrying about my possibilities, fearing the unknown. And something told me to “Be Still”. There was a voice in my head. It was calm, it was soothing, it was reassuring. And today I remember it saying, “Adia, I got you.” Now, that could’ve been my own positive affirmations. It could’ve been me, but unlike any other night…once I heard this voice, I went to sleep. No if’s, no and’s or but’s…There was peace and I went to sleep. I’d like to think this voice, this reassurance was God speaking to me. I was still and I think I finally heard Him. On day 4 of my growth and this journey, it’s like a roller coaster. Some weeks are great and some weeks are absolutely down. But this is life. Some days I’m at peace and some days, I’m anxious beyond belief. But no matter what, meditating has helped me. No matter how many times a day I have to do it, it saves me. Sometimes the positivity we need is reassurance that we cannot stress things that are out of control. We can only be our BEST SELVES today. So…positivity. Let it live within you. Let it take over your minds and rule your hearts, for it will be the catalyst to the ultimate peace. 


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