FACT:  Self-care tends to improve ourimmunity, increase positive thinking and make us less susceptible to stress, depression, anxiety and other emotional health issues. Taking time out to care for ourselves helps remind us and others that our needs are important, too. Feeling well cared-for leads to feelings of calm and relaxation, and conveys to others that we value ourselves which contributes to long-term feelings of wellbeing (

No matter what, nothing is more near and dear to me than…MY SKIN. When I reveal great, glowing skin, I instantly look in the mirror and feel great. Well, how do you do that Dia? Ladies, I introduce you to the Clarisonic Mia. No, Clarisonic is not paying me to advertise their items…BUT I highly recommend the Clarisonic Mia Facial Brush (Mia 1-$99, Mia 2: $149 @ Ulta). 
Let’s take a look at my skin journey. Below is my freshman year of high school. While the picture is actually a “good” picture, I’ve struggled with HORRIBLE discoloration a and spots on my face up until the Mia 1 was purchased for me during my sophomore year of college. 

Clarisonic lists the Benefits of their facial brush for: 

1) Uneven Skin Tone

2) Optimal Cleansing

3) Oily Skin

4) Acne 

5) Large Pores

6) Radiance

7) Brightening Skin

8) Anti-Aging


9)  Sensitive Skin
While I cannot attest to the “anti-aging” benefit, I can TRULY TRULY TRULY say this brush has worked a miracle on my face in regards to my sensitive and oily skin, uneven skin tone, and radiance. I no longer have to wear makeup EVERY SINGLE DAY, nor am I insecure about my discolorations. My skin is brighter, glowing, and most importantly-healthy. I now have glowing skin to match a glowing smile. 

I know $99 is steep and $149 isn’t any better but I promise…I PROMISE your skin will thank you. Please keep in mind the brush head must be switched every three months. 
Happy Brushing! 


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