Boxing: My First Experience 

Nothing beats negativity like getting up…and moving. This week I did just that. Yesterday, I tried something I’ve wanted to do for a while-boxing. Since I did karate for nearly eight years, it was quite similar. It was quite…A BLAST. It was just me and the bag. Me banishing life. Me conquering another fear. Me (as the instructor told me) with “the eye of a tiger”, ready to win. It was me…conquering another day, enjoying life, and embracing my body. As I pranced around the bag, the combinations played in my mind…”Jab, cross”, “Jab, jab, cross”, “Jab, jab, cross, hook”, “upper cut, upper cut”. I was in my zone, I was tired, but most of all….I forgot about what existed beyond those doors of the boxing club. It was my fists and my feet. I was floating, my heart pounding, and a smile plastered on my face. I was Adonnis Creed and I was in my own ring. It was a new page that I was glad I wrote. 
If you’re interested in trying boxing in Columbia (South Carolina). GET YOUR FIRST SHOT FREE! Click on the link below to sign up at Title Boxing Club.


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