How To Love

So, how was your week? This week was all about loving others, getting out of my comfort zone, and doing something for other people. While I can’t honestly say my actions represented “love”…I can honestly say it feels good to unselfishly act for those without being asked. It makes me feel so much better and so much…happier. So, how to love?
I can’t answer that, yet. But as I was writing in my journal this week, I’m confident that I can continue to find my answers, I can continue to love, and I can continue to learn about God’s love if I just turn to His word. What are you going to turn to? No matter what you believe in, I believe life can be centered around “The Golden Rule”. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It’s quite funny because as a Christian, it was hard having someone tell me they didn’t belong to a religion but they believed in the Golden Rule. As my thinking and perspective changes about life, I can understand that better now. While my religious views are different, I honestly feel like this world wasn’t meant for us to have power, fame, or money. It was meant for love. It was meant for peace. It was meant for helping one another. 

Even 1 Peter 4:8 states, “Love each other gently because love covers a multitude of sins”. So there…that’s what saves us. That’s what delivers us…LOVE.

Love today. And if you can’t…find your means to learn. This where spirituality can play a major role. I encourage you to connect, go to church, fellowship, and love this weekend.

And for right now, here’s Lil Wayne view:


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