Week 16, Day 1: Play Fair

Good morning beautiful people! Rise and Shine! If you’re reading this and have been checking back everyday like a consistent viewer would, you’d know I’ve been slacking. My apologies…my internship has picked up, my life has picked up 🙂 and I’ve been busy…but I have to continue to embrace DIAlosophy…After all, it’s the one place I’m free. I’ll make another post about what I’ve been up to, my birthday weekend, pictures,;etc. This post will focus on our challenge for this week-playing fair. 
The center of this challenge (I’m hoping) will allow us to simply “treat others the way you would want to be treated”. The good ole Golden Rule. It sounds so simple but we find ourselves doing the exact opposite in essence of acting out of our feelings, acting impulsively, and and pushing people away out of fear. 

Lesson #1: fear ruins opportunity…AND relationships. I’m not just talking your boyfriend or bae…This could be your best friend, your neighbor, your family. Fear ruins EVERYTHING. Which is why you cannot listen to it and you cannot act based off of fear. Dia, how do you know this? Because I’ve done it. If you like someone, go out with them. If he/she lights up your world and it scares you to death, stay with them. If you’re scared what your friends or parents are going to think of him/her, introduce them anyway. Fear ruins a lot of great things and hurts a lot of people because we find ourselves trying to create this perfect reality. Well let’s wake up…nothing and no one is perfect and the only thing that matters in this lifetime is not what anybody else says…but it is what God says, your peace and your happiness. 

Lesson #2: kill people with kindness no matter how they treat you. This is by far the hardest one, I know. But you’ll feel great and you’ll know, you’re not the bad person.

Lesson #3: Do not sell yourself short. Do what you have to do each day to boost yourself. Now I’ve been reading lately, that when we wake up, the first things on our minds should be how we should please The Lord today. This is true. But the next thing you need to do is something to please YOU. Life is what YOU make it. And it’s only going to be good if YOU allow it to be good. So play fair with others but treat yourself right as well…think about how you can become a better you, recite daily affirmations, go workout, do SOMETHING to feel good about YOU. Most importantly, to my ladies, look in the mirror and say “I am Queen (say your name). I am far more precious than rubies. I am God’s treasure”. To my men, look in the mirror and say “I am King (say your name). I am not what the world tells me I am. I am what God says I am. I am powerful and I am strong”. 
This is our challenge this week. This is our next step in our journey. Good luck! 


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