Tell The Truth, Day 3

The truth? I embarked upon a journey so “I could find myself”, so I could “find my passion”, so I could “figure out where I belong”…but the truth? I’m Adia. I’m a woman that fails and stumbles over and over again. I’m imperfect. I fall, but I get back up. I smile, but sometimes I hurt. I have a good week, but I also have bad weeks. I laugh and I also cry. I…am a bundle of emotions. Sometimes you never know what you’ll get, and I’m not afraid to show them. I’m a blessing, a gift, a treasure. That’s what I’ve been and it’s what I’ll always be. 

I’ve lied. A lot. Constantly trying to cover up some insecurities, maybe. Constantly trying to impress, maybe. Constantly, trying to be the center of attention.

I’ve hurt. A lot. Constantly placing my worth in others opinions, my competence in my GPA, and my individuality in the hands of society. 

I’ve lost. A lot. But sometimes…you’ve got to lose to win.

I smile. A WHOLE LOT. Despite life’s ups and downs, I’ve learned gratitude goes a very long way. I’ve learned finding something you’re thankful for can brighten up your day. I’ve learned the beauty in this world that I’ve neglected day after day.

I’m an optimist. Often I don’t listen because my head is somewhere in the clouds. I dream. I wonder. I think of the ways to explore countless possibilities.

I’m love. I may have to learn how to receive it but I can give and give. A heart full of gold is all I’ll ever have. It’s who I was created to be. No matter who does me wrong. This is me.
The truth? I’m just a woman that’s been down and alone enough now to realize…I like me. 


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