The Power of…Feeling

You know those things you get…when you’re sitting in the movie theatre watching the sappy romance? When you’re pulled in by the tragic death in the movie? Or when you realized the good thing that you let go? Those things that make the tears flow and the pain go? Those…FEELINGS. Yeah, we all have them. Sometimes, we all try to make them go away. But, in the midst of a busy life, a glorious triumph, or a gloomy tragedy…it’s important to just let the tears come. Let the mistakes settle in. Let the pain take you away. Feel it all without holding it in. I felt it today. Those feelings that made me cry. Those feelings that made me want a slice of cake. Those feelings that made me want to call up my ex and pout “Take me back. I still love you. I’m still a child, and I made a mistake”. Those feelings that sort of made me feel like my whole world was at stake. I sat next to my grandmother watching “Almost Christmas” , and I had those feelings that made me want to hold her tight. Those feelings that made me want to call up my mama and say “I’m sorry when I hated you with all my MIGHT. You don’t deserve a daughter like me…but God’s greatest gift to me…was when He chose YOU to have me. Mama, you’re not perfect but Ima take care of you. Just wait and see.” Those feelings that said…”WOW. 2016 has surely changed me.” There I was in the dark theatre in tears as I also laughed and smiled at the faces in the movie that were so happy. Then my feelings told me, “Adia, you have to continue flipping pages if you want to succeed”. See, it’s important to let these “emotions” come (and go) so you know where you are, but also exactly where you want to be. The power of your feelings can either hurt you or help you open your eyes to everything you want to see. So whether you’re like me and it’s the ex you let go, the life you long to live but have no idea how to grab it, or the people who see your life as just a show….feel it all, rip it open, let the feelings flood, cry it out…then let it all go. Acceptance. I believe our feelings lead to this. We accept who we are, what we’ve done, and how we reach optimum bliss. Feelings. They’re powerful little suckers, aren’t they? They make you either on cloud nine or believing your whole life is a mistake. But sweetheart…my dear, remember in life…you only miss the shots YOU DON’T TAKE. 


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