Condom NEGotiation

Hey there pretty lady…what’s it like to sit in silence? With a voice as bold as you are, a body as beautiful as you yours…you deserve every right in your bones to speak up. Without any fear of stigma or endless thoughts of “Oh, I trust him”. It doesn’t always have to be infidelity…what happens if the test popped up positive in a life full of sin before he even met you? let’s talk about condom negotiation and what it means to do what’s best for YOU. Because while you may not want to make him uncomfortable, what is more un-comforting than a virus wrecking havoc on your temple that the universe has blessed you with? What is more isolating than sitting when you know you’re worried? What is more bonding than being succumbed to a disease when you could be free? … if we wouldjust spoke up. If we would just wrap up with latex…there’d be no “I think I’m late” text or no “Should I get an HIV test?” I remember the first time I got tested last year, I was supporting my friend. Kinda something like 🗣 “GO BEST FRIEND… TAKE THAT SHIT.” Because it takes strength to protect yourself when you’re with these men…after all, even Khia said… “Don’t trust no nigga, no”. But we do instead…when we know we’re not the only one, when we know that tomorrow night we’ll be with another one…I mean, I get it… “Girls just wanna have fun”…but girl, I ain’t tryna see you DONE…for. So here’s a little empowHERment for your desiHERment…baby girl, here’s some condom tips:

He says, “We already did it without a condom once.”

You say, “And that was a mistake. I worried about being pregnant all month!”

He says, “I always pull out in time, don’t worry.”

You say, “I know, but when we use a condom you don’t have to pull out. It can feel even better.”

He says, “I can’t keep a hard on with a condom.”

You say, “I can’t relax and enjoy sex without a condom. So I’ll help you stay hard.”

Read more about condom negotiation and why it’s important to get HIV tested at:


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