Belong to You

“We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way.”- Audre Lorde


Take care of me. Talk all day, then at night, fall in deep. Stimulate me. I want you mental & physically. I belong to you.

Yes, you belonged to me. I crept my way into your sheets as your fingers explored me… I made you smile and captured your vulnerability. You looked at me and said, “You’re the only person that can change me.”

You belong to me.

A wave of emotions led us to friendlier than friendly. You said you’d always have my back…and you just wanted to give me a wedding ring.

I belong to you.

Take care of me.

That’s what you did. Stimulating me every night, I crept into your dorm room. I belong to you. And you loved the taste of me. You grabbed hold of me and told me I was your blessing. I knew we would never be anything, but you belonged to me that night before my graduation ceremony. I sat upon your lips, letting go of everything. You lied beneath me, not once thinking of ever sleeping. And you kept me going…and going. I belonged to you.

Take care of me. You told me, “You ever had everything you ever wanted right in front of you…and still couldn’t have it?” But, you had me. You grabbed inches of me with your tongue. You objectified me as I clenched your head between me. You belonged to me.

Stimulate me. We kept going until it was time to end. I used you for stimulating. You belonged to me. I belong to you. Perhaps, I knew from the second our eyes would meet. But, who knew you’d grab hold of me. Who knew on my birthday I’d land between your sheets ? Who knew I’d belong to you?

But, you made me. You tattooed your name over my whole body. You were the one who took care of me. You were the one I finally let in deep. You were the one I let in physically. I belong to you.

I never knew you’d see my vulnerability. I never knew I’d look forward to your hands around my neck…squeezing. I belong to you when you pull my hair back, so you can see me. I belong to you when you grab hold of me, penetrating me with your blessing…internally. I belong to you permanently.

You belong to me. That’s why I grip your neck staring into your eyes, so you know who has your soul. You belong to me when I squeeze you, begging you…to stay deep. You belong to me when your eyes roll back every time you’re with me. You belong to me, because I’m the one who do those “special” things. Like running my hand down every inch of you, rolling my tongue through every part of you, rubbing my skin all over you…You belong to me.

We could never just turn away. We could never just leave. You could never let me leave. Because you share a part of me…and I’ve seen your soul, your fears, your anger, your vulnerability…and the depths of your pain, crying. Time and time again, I’ve felt you internally dying. I belong to you.

Grab hold of me. Like the way you grab hold of my soul every time you see me. I belong to you.

Take care of me. Hormones raging, uncontrollably. I desperately tried to leave. But, you couldn’t break away from me. I tried to leave, but I found my lungs airless…and I couldn’t breathe. Gripping my sheets, I needed you with me. Staring into the dark, I wanted your hands on my body.

I belong to you.

You went too deep. And I was the face that launched a thousand ships into your sea. You will always fight for me. You will always remain on your knees. You will always remain weak. You belong to me.


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