I was doing my usual-sitting in bed, watching Penelope and Morgan on "Criminal Minds" and it happened. I saw something dash across the room. My eyes are known to play tricks on me, but could it be? Was this the moment I had truly gone crazy? With the paranoia settling in from watching countless serial … Continue reading WHEN A LADYBUG FLIES INTO YOUR LIFE


Forgive…It’s OK to Not Forget!: Lessons from Lent

When I told my gay best friend what I was doing for Lent, his reaction was priceless..."Dia, you're not even Catholic!" While true, growing up with my VERY God-fearing, Christian, grandmother...it was just a "thing" for us. While we didn't "give up" something every year, she always took the time to recognize the season and … Continue reading Forgive…It’s OK to Not Forget!: Lessons from Lent


"Pause. Breathe. Repair YOUR universe....Proceed" The purpose of this blog is not to "hide" from anyone. What you read is what you get...the raw-raw, cold, hard, and ugly truth. My truth. Because I'm not afraid of hiding anymore. I'm not afraid to admit that my insecurities are my love and my enemy at the same … Continue reading Breath

The Road

I played myself. Thinking I could travel down the road of perfection, pretending in this mask of deception...not realizing the beauty of self-reflection. Thinking I could bury my insecurities, cover my lustful impurities, and shield the world from my obscurities. Thinking I could lie my way out of the truth, indulge in the permanent ways … Continue reading The Road