My grandmother is the best woman I know and you’ll read more about her in my life than anyone else. As she raised me, she’d always tell me “Adia, shoot for the moon because if you miss, you will always fall among the stars”. This has resonated with me through the duration of my life and has been constant motivation for my successes. Now, it’s time for you to shoot for the galaxy. Life is pointless if we don’t take risks. I’ve taken them. I’ve jumped, fell flat on my face, and rose again to jump even higher. I’ve loved, been heartbroken, and loved again. I’ve loved, broken a heart, and still have the courage to try again. Dare to live. Dare to try something new. Dare to make a change when change is frightening. Most importantly, dare to say YES when everyone else says NO. Ladies and gentlemen, the risk is what keeps us living. When there’s no risk, you’re already dead.