piedmont7Dream. According to Merriam-Webster, it’s 1) a strongly desired goal or purpose or 2) something that fully satisfies a wish. Well, if this is the case…I’ve spent my whole life dreaming. I spend most of my time seeing myself in that white coat, stepping with my large family, and being able to travel anywhere and everywhere I want to go. I often write about the days of my life in the future…the long days I’ll have at the hospital, the romantic moments when I smile at my husband or the simple memories I’ll share with my kids. I spend most of my time in my dreams. Some may even say I need to face reality. But reality will NEVER be satisfactory for me. The present will always mean opportunity to me. Dreams? They’re all I see. Always and I mean ALWAYS..dream. Because the past is already done, but the future? Well, that is yet to be written.