Meet Dia


“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” 
― Audre Lorde

If you were to ask Adia Raichelle Louden “When you grow up, what do you want to be?” Her only wish would be…to be free. Adia, also known as “Dia”, has a passion for helping girls and women reach their full potential. As a daughter, a sister, a grand-daughter, a niece, and a friend…Dia seeks to encourage every woman to live and be whatever they want to be. For she believes, no matter the size of insecurity, color of skin, or size of body…every woman deserves to be free.

Dia recognized her biggest weakness-her insecurity- could be turned into a strength. From her world, her experiences, and her journey..Adia sought out to create “Dialosophy”, a space she didn’t have to hide her feelings. Indeed, a space…she could be free. The goal of Dialosophy is for every woman to know their battle is not their own. Dialosophy is for every man to support and love what every woman goes through. Dialosophy is empowerment. Dialosophy is wellness- a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual path.

Adia is bringing new light to “Insecure”. It will no longer bring a frown, but instead a celebration…for every man who’s told to “Man Up”, for every woman who doesn’t feel “worthy” because she’s settling, for every single mom struggling with dating. Insecurity forces itself upon everyone. There’s no reason to feel worthless about it. Adia is here to celebrate your mistakes, while she continues to make her own. She’s here to uplift you from your misery, because she’s been in her own. So, stay. Read the posts. Laugh with Dia. Cry with Dia. Be insecure together…and create a family.

When she’s is not writing, Dia is a full-time graduate student at Emory University. She is an MPH Candidate in Epidemiology, where she is pursuing a Maternal/Child Health Career. Dia also enjoys Netflix, spending time with family and friends, trying new things, concerts, and traveling. The color, royal blue, -the color of peace, tranquility, and confidence-makes her happy.